Financial EDIFACT

Swedish banks support the EDIFACT cataolgue D.96A, recommended by UN/CEFACT-TBG5. In our EDIFACT Handbook, our EDIFACT-messages are described as follows:

  • as a Business Transaction 
  • as a Message Implementation
  • with a reference to the Term Directory

The term directory can be used as a word list for descriptions and formats for each separate business term.  

The Business Transaction

The Business Transaction is a business description of a specific information flow, for example, a payment order. The information flow is described according to its:

  • function - area of application and involved parties
  • extent - overall function, structure, implementation and content
  • information structure - payment orders, debit and credit advising, reference information and statement message
  • detail content - with all business terms used in the specific business transaction
  • examples - of business transaction implementations 

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The Message Implementation

The Message Implementation is an implementation guide for messages from UN/EDIFACT catalogue D.96A. The data elements and segments used are specified with code values, qualifiers and an explicit notation of their presence. The number and name of the relevant business term is provided for those data elements where some form of business-related information is present, for example, dates, identities, amounts or means of payment. Thereby we hope to avoid misunderstandings and interpretation problems about how a segment shall be used in a specific case.

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The Term directory

The Term directory contains a complete specification of all business terms used in business transactions. The specifications are independent of any particular business transaction. Specific regulations and conditions that are applicable for only certain business transactions are described whenever relevant.