Consultation on interest rate switch

The Swedish Bankers’ Association has carrying out a consultation on how the market would react to the method of changing the reference rate from the tenor STIBOR T/N to SWESTR. Below is the consultation and a compilation of the responses received to the consultation.

The background to this consultation was that there is now a short risk-free refence rate of the same kind that several other currency areas have introduced: SWESTR.

It is a refence rate that is administered by the Riksbank and is based on the recommendation that the banks presented at the beginning of 2020. When the Swedish banks developed the recommendation into what is today SWESTR, STIBOR T/N was not considered necessary when an O/N reference rate was to be established.

Only the administrator of STIBOR T/N (SFBF) or its supervisory authority (Finansinspektionen) can make the decision to cease publication of STIBOR T/N. Such a decision follows a regulated process. This consultation is not part of that process. This consultation is only about how a replacement should go about if STIBOR T/N should cease to be published.

The answers that have been received have been compiled in a special document. In that document, conclusions have also been drawn about how the Bankers’ Association opinion on the questions that were included in the consultation. These conclusions can be guidance for how a future recommendation from the Bankers’ Association is designed, but that recommendation can also be affected if new information becomes known.

If you have questions or want to discuss something in the consultation, please contact Jonny Sylvén,