An important part of the work in the Swedish Bankers’ Association takes place in committees and working groups with representatives from the member companies.

The Account Committee

The committee deals with matters relating to international and national accounting rules and regulations for the credit institutions. 

Contact person: Mats Stenhammar 

The Audit Committe

This committee is tasked with working for good audit practices within banking. It also manages referrals regarding issues that concern, in particular, internal control. 

Contact person: Mats Stenhammar

The Fiscal Committee

The committee deals with taxation matters of fundamental importance to the credit institutions and their customers, whether the customers are companies or private people. 

Contact person: Åsa Arffman

The Capital Adequacy Committee

The committee handles proposals for legislative directives and the rules from Finansinspektionen concerning capital adequacy for credit institutions and securities companies. Proposals about capital adequacy from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and from the EU-Commission are also dealt with. 

Contact person: Maria Olin

The Committee for Payments/Rules

The committee is responsible for creating general rules in the co-operation between the banks. It also handles contacts with authorities and organisations concerning banking services. 

Contact person: Henrik Bergman

The Steering Group for Clearing

The committee handles the administration and development of routines in order to achieve a more efficient clearing system. 

Contact person: Henrik Bergman

The Steering Group SEPA Sweden

The committee coordinates the efforts of the Swedish banks to establish rules and standards for a Single European Payment Area (SEPA), in accordance with the intentions of the European Payments Council (EPC). 

Contact person: Henrik Bergman

The Infrastructure Council

The committee handles strategic issues within the infrastructure and payment areas. 

Contact person: Henrik Bergman

The Finance Companies Committee

The committee represents the interests of the bank-owned finance companies in their contact with the authorities and other organisations. Some matters are dealt with in the Legal Committee or in the Statistics Working Group. 

Contact person: Agneta Brandimarti 

The Mortgage Credit Institutions Committee

The committee represents the interests of the mortgage institutions in their contact with the authorities and other organizations. Legal matters are handled by the Mortgage Legal Group. 

Contact person: Johan Hansing

The Legal Committee

The committee handles legal matters, which concern the member companies. 

Contact person: Åsa Arffman

The Banks Security Committee

The committee is responsible for the establishment of joint rules for a minimum safety level within each bank and between banks. There are five subcommittees dealing with matters such as asset transportation, emergency preparedness, fraud and robbery prevention and IT-safety.

Contact person: Peter Göransson