The Banking Infrastructure Department

  • responsible for the development and administration of systems for payments and data clearing, formulates rules in bank technical matters
  • formulates how global standards for financial EDI messages should be applied in Sweden
  • performs analyses and provides advice and recommendations about crime prevention
  • supports the member companies in matters regarding security and emergency preparedness

 The Legal Department

  • examines legal proposals and gives statements and petitions in legislative matters
  • examines proposals for directives from the European Union in the financial area and gives statements on these
  • handles matters concerning bank-owned finance companies, such as leasing, factoring and hire-purchase finance
  • handles matters concerning mortgage credit institutions and issues of covered bonds 

 The Economics Department

  • monitors and investigates economic and economic-political matters
  • co-operates with the member companies regarding position papers and negotiations with government ministries and authorities in matters such as capital requirement, credit policy, tax policy, international integration, export financing, mortgage lendning, competition, accounting and statistics
  • compiles and publishes information and statistics regarding the credit institutions and the credit market