About Stibor

Stibor is the reference rate that is commonly used in short term financial contracts relating to SEK. Stibor is used in bonds, loans and in most types of interest rate and currency derivatives.

Stibor is administered by the Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility (SFBF), which is a subsidiary of the Swedish Bankers’ Association's subsidiary Financial Benchmark Sweden (FBS). SFBF took over the administration from the Swedish Bankers’ Association in April 2020.

SFBF is responsible for calculating, publishing and administering Stibor in accordance with provisions in EU legislation (EU 2016/1011) Benchmark Regulation (BMR), Swedish legislation and guidelines from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen, and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

SFBF is authorized by Finansinspektionen to act as an administrator of Stibor according to Article 34.1.a of the BMR.

If you have questions about Stibor, please contact:

SFBF's website

SFBF: +46 8 437 379 60