Box Addresses in Sweden

Common use of Box Addresses in Sweden

Open letter on the common use of Box Addresses in Sweden. Please note that it is common among Swedish companies to use a box address as their official postal address.

Box addresses are often used to facilitate the postal logistics for companies with several premises. For the same reason, some large companies have been assigned a unique ZIP code, and will therefore have neither a street address or box address, but only company name and unique ZIP code. Both these variations of addresses will be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (In Swedish: Bolagsverket), which serves as the official source for KYC data of Swedish companies. 

Swedish banks always strive to provide their customer's official address in outgoing payments and because of this, payments from companies will sometimes contain a box number or a blank row instead of street name and number.

Please be advised that these variations in Swedish addresses should not be considered to be insufficient address data according to FATF recommendation 16. Neither should these variations in themselves be regarded as a reason to treat transactions as suspicious according to AML/CFT regulations.