Financial EDIFACT

Message implementation

The Message implementation is a technical description of an EDIFACT message.

Payment message - PAYMUL

Contains all the information the financial institution needs to execute a payment. To provide payment information use the message Payment reason/document information - DOC.

The payment order directs the payment agent (the bank) to transfer a certain amount in a specific currency from a specific sender account to a specific receiving account. The multiple payment order (MUL) makes it possible to transfer several such orders in one and the same message.
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Debit advice - DEBMUL

Contains all the information the bank needs to advise the client on a withdrawal from the client's account in the bank. The client has the possibility to automatically verify Debit Advice against received Payment orders - PAYMUL.
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Credit advice - CREMUL

Contains all the information the bank needs to advise the client on a deposit to the client's account in the bank. The message Payment reason/document information - DOC is used to provide payment information. The possibility exists for automatic verification of Credit Advice (incoming payments) in, for example, the accounts receivable register. 
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Financial statement - FINSTA

Contains all the information needed for the bank to provide an account statement for a client's account. The client has the possibility of handling the account statement in his own system.
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Banking status - BANSTA

Is a status report of previously sent orders, for example, payment orders or automatic giro transactions from bank to client. It provides information on the status of the original order; in the event that it is accepted by the bank, and, alternatively, when it is refused by the bank together with information about the cause. A status report can refer to several previously sent orders. The status report then constitutes a Multiple Status Report. 
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Payment reason - DOC

Contains information upon which the payor and payee have agreed. The bank does not use the information and transmits it only to the payee.
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Service segments in EDIFACT

This description contains detailed instructions of how the service segments in EDIFACT are used when financial messages are exchanged between institutions and their customers, i. e. service segments at the transfer level (UNA, UNB och UNZ). Service segments at the message level are described in their respective message instructions. 
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The Term directory

The term directory contains a complete specification of the business terms that are part of business transactions. The business transactions refer to the business term directory.
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