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Carina Åkerström, new Chairman of the Swedish Bankers' Association

"A well-functioning banking sector is very important for the national economy, for business and for the everyday economy of individuals. In addition, the financial sector has a key role to play in creating financial driving forces that encourage the transition to sustainability. The Swedish Bankers’ Association is an important banking community forum that helps to ensure good growth for the benefit of both households and businesses," comments Carina Åkerström on the appointment.

The Board of Directors of the Swedish Bankers’ Association is now made up of the following:
Chairman: Carina Åkerström, Handelsbanken
Vice Chairman: Jens Henriksson, Swedbank
Johan Torgeby, SEB
Martin Persson, Nordea
Johanna Norberg, Danske Bank
Sven Eggefalk, Länsförsäkringar Bank
Johanna Cerwall, Skandiabanken
Marie Halling, ICA Banken
Jan Olsson, Deutsche Bank
Hans Lindberg, Swedish Bankers’ Association

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