The Swedish Bankers' Association

The Swedish Bankers' Association represents banks and financial institutions established in Sweden. Our aim is to contribute to a sound and efficient regulatory framework that facilitates for banks to help create economic wealth for customers and society.
  • We represent the member companies nationally and internationally. We are a member of the European Banking Federation, EBF.

  • We work closely with regulators and policymakers in Sweden and Europe.

  • We establish join rules in matters of common interest in the Swedish banking industry, such as payment infrastructure and security issues.

  • We inform the public about the banking sector.


September 20, 2019

Bloomberg's publication of Stibor

Financial Benchmarks Sweden has been informed that there are still errors in Bloomberg's system. Bloomberg cannot publish a value of 0.000. In cases where the panel bank's Stibor contribution is 0.000 or if Stiborfixing is calculated to 0.000, Bloomberg's system incorrectly shows blank or a previously published value. Bloomberg investigates the error and has promised to take action as soon as possible.
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September 2019

The Mortgage Market in Sweden

Mortgages comprise a significant percentage of the loan portfolio in Sweden and are an important component of the household budget for many individuals with home loans. The report Swedish Mortgage Market describes both current and historic mortgage and construction trends. These developments are illustrated using statistics shown in tables and charts.
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