Stibor Committe

The Stibor Committee consists of representatives from all of the Stibor banks. Each Stibor bank is entitled to nominate one member and one deputy member. The nomination is made by the bank’s CFO at the Group level or the bank’s country manager and shall be submitted to the Stibor Secretariat with a description of the candidate’s competence.

The Board of Financial Benchmarks Sweden AB appoints members and personal deputies to the Stibor Committee. The Committee appoints a Chair and a Vice Chair. The mandate period for members and deputy members is two years and can be extended.

Stibor Committee members

Peder Hagberg, SEB, Chair
Ulf Jakobsson, Swedbank, Deputy Chair 
Christoffer Møllenbach, Danske Bank
Martin Rydin, Länsförsäkringar Bank
Kim Skov Jensen, Nordea
Fredrik Jönsson, SBAB
Thomas Åhman, Svenska Handelsbanken
Irma Rosenberg, former vice governor of the Riksbank


Maria Lindbäck, SEB
Per Tunestam, Danske Bank
Klas Axelman, Länsförsäkringar Bank
Christian Perers, Nordea
Nils Rydberg, SBAB
Marcus Larsson, Svenska Handelsbanken
Johan Stefenson, Swedbank
Tomas Ernhagen, Chief Economist the European Property Federation


Peter Danielsson, Nasdaq
David Forman, Swedish Riksbank
Johan Hansing, Swedish Bankers´ Association
Anne Sundqvist, Swedish Bankers´ Association
Jonny Sylvén, Swedish Bankers´ Association
Tomas Tetzell, Swedish Bankers´ Association