Alternative interest rates

Working group for alternative interest rates

The working group for alternative interest rates (AGAR) was formed in December 2018 and is working to develop a complement and/or alternative to Stibor. The objective is to create a short-term interest rate in line with those in other currency areas such as Sonia for GBP, Sofr for USD and Ester for EUR.

The working group will also review whether a short-term alternative interest rate can replace Stibor or if there is a need for an additional reference rate. The new rate or rates should be able to function as a replacement and as a complement to Stibor.

The working group consists of the Stibor banks – Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar Bank, Nordea, SBAB Bank, SEB and Swedbank. The group also includes the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swedish Central Bank, the Swedish National Debt Office and the Swedish Bankers' Association as observers.

The working group's recommendations concerning alternative interest rates will be presented no later than the fourth quarter, 2019. All of the recommendations will be published for consultation. The working group maintains an ongoing dialogue with a number of reference groups.

The group's work takes the form of projects, and the goal is to be ready by the end of the year with one or more recommendations on how the alternative interest rates should be managed.

If you would like to contact the working group, please do so via email to the Swedish Bankers' Association at